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Little Known Facts About Coffee

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Coffee is among the most, if not the most, popular drinks around the globe. Other than its great taste, soothing aroma and pleasant energy boost bundled with every sip, coffee is a world of wonders and surprises. Let's unravel some of the secrets and untold facts about our favorite drink. Read on to discover nine surprising and interesting facts about coffee.

  1. It all started with dancing goats. It has been said that Ethiopian shepherds noticed that their goats became unusually frisky - to the degree of "dancing" - after eating berries from a coffee tree.
  2. Coffee, unlike money, does grow on trees. What is more surprising is that those dry brown coffee beans that we are all familiar with were once pretty, red, vibrant berries. The beans are, to be more precise, the pits of these berries.
  3. Originally, coffee was eaten and not drunk. East African tribes mixed the red coffee berries with fat, forming edible balls packed with energy. Reportedly, the paste was giving warriors all of the energy they needed for battles.
  4. The rise of Islam contributed significantly to the popularity of coffee. As the religion prohibited drinking alcohol, coffee was the perfect alternative. Coffee is sometimes referred to as "The Wine of Islam.”
  5. Coffee is the very first food to be freeze-dried. More than 70 years ago, in 1938, the Swiss food and beverage company Nestlé invented freeze-dried coffee, setting a completely new standard for how food can be stored, packaged and sold.
  6. Trim off those extra pounds with . . . coffee? Yes, that is correct. Studies from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have shown that the caffeine present in coffee can increase your metabolism by 3 to 11%, hence burning quite a bit of fat. Summer is right around the corner, so that's an extra reason to enjoy some iced coffee!
  7. Unlike what most people think, coffee doesn't dehydrate your body. Coffee has always been regarded as a significant diuretic. However, according to Sophie Killer, doctoral researcher from the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, this isn’t very accurate. Her findings show that "coffee, when consumed in moderation by caffeine habituated males provides similar hydrating qualities to water.”
  8. According to the School of Public Health at Harvard University, coffee is not linked with higher risks of heart disease, cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Rob van Dam noted that "even people who drank up to six cups of coffee per day were at no higher risk of death.”
  9. The first webcam in the world was made to monitor a coffee pot. Avoiding the disappointment of finding an empty coffee pot, a group of Cambridge University scientists set up a camera connected to the internet to keep an eye on their coffee.

To sum it all up, enjoy your coffee without a drop of guilt or doubt. In moderation, there are a lot of perks brewing in each pot. Be sure to share some of these discoveries with your friends the next time you get together for a cup of coffee!

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