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Celebrating the Many Flavors of Curry!

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Most of us have never visited India and will probably never get the chance to do so. However, a vast majority of people have experienced a taste of India on a culinary journey through the versatile flavors and aromas of the delicious Indian cuisine. And the flavor "star" of Indian cuisine around the world is curry. Curry is becoming increasingly popular in the US, and is served in more than 9000 restaurants across the country. Curry is even more popular in the United Kingdom, where it has been elected as a "national dish" with an estimated 23 million people who eat curry on a regular basis, according to BBC Food.

The use of curry dates back to about 1700 B.C. in India. Through the centuries, it became a mainstay of cuisines across southern Asia, from Pakistan to Thailand, but it was the British who introduced curry to the Western world in the 1700s. British governors who were living in India during colonization developed a love for the spicy Indian cuisine, and shared the recipes with their motherland. From there, its popularity was on the rise. The first curry recipe published in England dates back to 1747, and it contained many individual spices. Shortly thereafter, the first curry powder was formulated to enable cooks to quickly add the required spices, without having to keep a stock of each of them.

Today, there are endless varieties of curry powder, each a blend of several different spices. They range from sweet and mild to flaming hot and savory, to accommodate all tastes. These prepared curry spice blends can be used with practically any dish, and will always succeed in adding vivid colors and taste to your routine menus. Here are a few ways to use curry spice blends to enhance your dishes:

- Used in any chicken dishes as well as any meat recipe for savory tastes

- Added to seafood dishes containing fish, shrimp or crab to amplify flavors

- Used in traditional curry dishes or Indian platters

- Added to soups, stews, dips or lentils to enhance flavors

- Sprinkled over potatoes, cauliflower or any other veggie

- Prepared in a marinade

- Added to rice to obtain a subtle yellow color and exquisite perfume

At Mill Creek Spice Company, we offer two types of curry, our signature Mild Indian Curry, and our Tikka Chicken Seasoning:

- Influenced by the Oriya cuisine of Eastern India, the Mild Indian Curry has a low heat profile, wonderfully subtle flavors, and a warming yellow color. The versatility of this Mild Indian Curry makes it especially suitable to fit all tastes and ages, as it's not too spicy nor too bland. It’s a perfectly rich blend of ground coriander, cumin, turmeric, mustard, ginger, cayenne pepper, and cardamom.

- The origins of tikka masala are unclear, but there’s no doubting its worldwide popularity. Our Tikka Chicken Seasoning combines garlic, ginger, turmeric, our own garam masala, coriander, cumin, sugar, and cayenne pepper. Mixed with yogurt, it makes a wonderful marinade for chicken, which can be sauteed, grilled or roasted, to become the centerpiece of an easy and fabulous Indian meal.

Until you get around to planning that trip to southern Asia, allow us to bring a taste of India to your own kitchen. Order from http://MillCreekSpice.com and let your taste buds enjoy an unforgettable journey to India!

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