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America's BEST Decaf Coffee

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What Makes the Best Decaffeinated Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the globe. After oil, it is the second most traded commodity. The legend has it that coffee beans were discovered by an Ethiopian goatherd who noticed that goats became so spirited that they could not sleep at night, after eating the berries from a coffee tree. Assuredly, a lot of people can relate to this after enjoying an evening coffee!

There are about 50 to 75 milligrams of caffeine in a regular cup of coffee. A cup of decaf contains a mere 2 to 5 milligrams of caffeine. Over the past few decades, many people have been turning to decaffeinated to avoid all the side effects of caffeine. Unfortunately for coffee lovers, typical decaf coffees don’t have the great taste and aroma found in regular coffee. One reason for this is that decaffeinated coffee is more expensive to produce, due to the extra steps necessary to decaffeinate the beans, so many coffee companies start with inferior beans to keep costs down.

How is Decaf Made?

Decaffeination is a process that removes most of the caffeine present in the coffee beans. There are three main ways to carry out this process, but the common factor is that they all start with "green" (unroasted) coffee beans, soaked in water. Here is a brief explanation of these three decaffeination methods:

  • The water processing method: This is the most natural method and does not involve the use of any chemicals. Green coffee beans are soaked in hot water and passed through a bed of activated charcoal. Caffeine is drawn out of the beans without losing all of the wonderful flavors and aromas.
  • The direct solvent method: After steaming coffee beans, they are rinsed with methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to draw out the caffeine. Beans are then heated again to remove the solvent.
  • The carbon dioxide method: Similar to the direct method, but carbon dioxide is used as the solvent.

What is "Americas Best Decaf" Coffee?


Mill Creek Spice Company isn’t just about spices – we also offer a selection of five premium artisan coffees, which we roast in-house in small batches. Our decaf offering is not a “typical” decaf. It’s a blend of premium quality Arabica beans from Bolivia and Brazil, which were naturally decaffeinated, using only mountain spring water. This same blend was ranked in 2010 as the best decaf in North America by the respected coffee guide, http://www.CoffeeReview.com, so we simply call it “America’s Best Decaf".

"America’s Best Decaf" is characterized by its delicate sweetness, gentle acidity and round, robust flavor. The distinctive taste makes it hard to believe that it’s a decaf. A one pound package of some of the world’s best coffee costs $15.95. It can be ordered online from our website at http://www.MillCreekSpice.com. This coffee is shipped as whole coffee beans, in a re-sealable package designed to keep air and light out. To preserve freshness and capture the most of its wonderful flavors, it should be ground fresh for each brewing cycle. We recommend that you use a fine grind for a more efficient extraction.

Eliminating caffeine should not mean losing the real flavor of coffee, nor should it mean drinking chemically-treated coffee beans. Order "America’s Best Decaf" coffee from the Mill Creek Spice Company today and enjoy a truly great, caffeine-free coffee experience. You won't believe it's a decaf!

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